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Acrylics £47.25

Acrylic infills £36.75

Removals and new set (in-house) £50.40

Removals and new set (out house) £63

Acrylic overlays £36.75

Sculpted acrylics £56.75

Reverse french acrylics £56.75

Acrylics with hand painted art £63

In house Removals £21

Outhouse removals £26.25

Gel polish £26.25

Removal and new gel polish £31.50

Gel overlays (using builder gel) £31.50

Removal and new gel overlays £36.75

Manicure £26.25

File and paint £15.75


File and paint £15.75

Gel polish £26.25

Removal and new gel polish £31.50

Spa pedicure(inc regular polish)£31.50

Spa pedicure with gel polish £39.90

Callus peel pedicure (inc regular polish) £42

Callus peel pedicure with gel polish £50.40

Luxury pedicure (inc regular polish)£35

Luxury pedicure with gel polish £45.15


Classic lash extensions £47.25

Classic lash infills £26.25

Hybrid lash extensions £52.50

Hybrid lash infills £31.50

Partial lash extensions £26.25

volume lashes £63

volume lash infills £42


Brow lamination £21

brow lamination with wax and tint £31.50

Lash lift £36.75


Dermalogica Pro Skin 60 £50.40

Luxury hour long treatment

Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 £27.85

30 minute essential facial

Dermalogica  Pr o power eye peel £21

Dermalogica Pro power peel £86.65

Dermalogica Pr o Bright £44.10

Dermalogica Pro Calm £44.10

Dermalogica Pro Firm £44.10

Dermalogica Pro Clear £44.10

Dermalogica clear start facial £19.45

Perfect for teenage skin,30 minute

Microdermabrasion facial £42


1/2 Leg Wax £15.75

Back Wax £21

Bikini Wax £12.60

Chest & Back Wax £31.50

Chest Wax £21

Chin Wax £8.40

Eyebrow Wax £8.40

Fore Arm Wax £10.50

Full Arm Wax £15.75

Full Leg & Bikini Wax £26.25

Full Leg Wax £21

Lip & Chin Wax £15.75

Top Lip Wax £8.40

Underarm Wax £9.45

Brazillian Bikini Wax £22.05

Hollywood Bikini Wax £24.15


Threading brows £12.60

Threading lip £9.45

Threading chin £9.45

Threading sides of face £15.75

Threading full face £36.75


Eye Brow Tint £7.35

Eye Lash Tint £12.60


Full Body Massage £42

Full Body Inc Face And Scalp Massage £47.25

Back, Neck And Shoulder £26.25

Sports Full Body £52.50

Sports Back, Neck And Shoulder £36.75

Sports Just Legs £26.25

Hot stone massage £47.25(1hour)

hot stone massage £31.50 (30min)

foot and leg massage £26.25

hand and arm massage £26.25

Indian head massage £31.50

indian head with hot stones £36.75

full body skin polish £31.25

We Are A Team Of Talented Beauty And Nail Therapists With Over 80 Years Combined Experience. Located at Redlands Yard, Broadwindsor, Which Is Situated In The Heart Of West Dorset’s Beautiful Rolling Countryside.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9am – 3pm

Tuesday: 9am – 9pm

Wednesday: 9am – 9pm

Thursday: 9am – 3pm

Friday: 9am – 6pm

Saturday – 10-2

Sunday – Closed 

sunbed available 

monday,thursday,friday 9-2.30

tuesday and wednesday 9-7.30

everyother saturday 10-2


Message or book online at

Contact tel: 07378 818676​


Get In Touch, We Would Love To Help You!

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