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💫 💫10 minutes in a tanning bed is equal to four hours on the beach.💫💫


Monday 9-2.30

Tuesday 9-7.30

Wednesday 9-7.30

Thursday 9-2.30

Friday 9-2.30

Every other Saturday 10-2

💫No need to book…..💫

£1 per minute

OR ….. Block booking savings

50 mins £45 (£50)

100 mins £85 (£100)

150 mins £130 (£150)

200 mins £170 (£200)

Can I Use a Sunbed?

Most people are able to use a sunbed but there are exceptions. If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you must NOT use a sunbed:

☀️Are you aged under 18?

☀️Do you always burn in natural sunlight?

☀️Do you have a medical condition that becomes worse in sunlight?

☀️Do you have an excessive amount of moles and/or freckles?

☀️Do you have a history of sunburn, particularly from childhood?

☀️Do you have skin cancer or does any member of your immediate family have/had skin cancer?

☀️Also, if you are on any medication or drugs, please check with your GP or pharmacist before using a sunbed as certain drugs make the skin more

sensitive to UV light. If you are pregnant, consult your gp first.

WE stock Australian Gold tan accelerators, after sun and sun tan lotion.